Early Music Sources
Explores many topics in early music in a thorough (and thorougly entertaining) way.

Living the Classical Life
Interviews of prominent as well as up-and-coming musicians discussing issues facing creative professionals.

Spearfisher: Classic meets Electronic and Pop Elements
This classically-trained pianist fuses every possible sound to blur genres and create something entirely new.

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music
A free online journal with articles addressing performance practices and musical topics against the historic/cultural background of the 17th century.

The School of Life
Interesting short clips on people and topics in history, philosophy, literature, pop culture, politics and more.

Discarding Images
The wonderfully wacky world of illustrations in medieval manuscripts. Before there were televisions and the internet…

Crash Course
I especially love their history videos – filmed in Indianapolis!

Bucket List
The biggest “to-do” list of them all…

Meet an author: Kurt Vonnegut
A dry, witty 20th-century author – a great credit to Indianapolis, Indiana!

Meet an author: Hermann Hesse  (Originalsprache)
A man, always wise beyond his years, who shows us truth and beauty.

Meet a philosopher: Marcus Aurelius
A great leader who knew how to turn adversity into opportunity.